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by Monday, September 25, 2017

2am in Las Vegas. People are stumbling into and out of nightclubs. Slot machines are singing and tables are full. Some locals are just starting their shifts. Some tourists are just passing out in their overpriced hotel beds. And, then there’s me. Up and ready for the day. Why the ridiculous schedule? JET LAG. We just flew in from London a day ago. I’ve struggled with jet lag in the past. But, after dozens of international trips, we have our bag of tricks to get over it fast. Here’s some of my top tips for getting back on schedule after air travel:


Drink lots of water. Have you heard this before? Of course! Do you do it? I’d bet not. Drink the best water you can find. I feel like I’ve won a (tiny) lottery when I see glass bottles in airports. I always grab a few.

The opposite is true too. Skip the salty garbage peanuts and pretzels when flying because they will leave you craving water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as well.

You can kick your water into high gear by adding pink himalayan salt to it. But, didn’t I just say to avoid salt? Yes and no. The processed sodium chloride that you get from plane food has anti-caking agents. This unhealthy combo can definitely lead to dehydration. Himalayan salt and many sea salts, however, carry a multitude of trace minerals and nutrients that will get your body running well.

Similarly, we can enhance the water by adding this awesome green powder to it: Organifi

You’ll get many of the trace minerals that’d you get from a high quality salt. But, you’ll also get numerous other benefits. The adaptogenic herbs will help your body get in sync with its circadian rhythm much faster. The healthy fats will make it that much easier to avoid the terrible plane food. The chlorella and spirulina will bind to the airplane nasties that get everyone else sick. Pretty powerful stuff!


Earthing at the Park to get over Travel. Lacey Jones

Grounding at the park with Bali

Your body flows with electricity. It’s very easy to get signals to start firing incorrectly if unnatural positive charges build up. Grounding (sometimes referred to as “Earthing”) is the discharging of the accumulation of positive ions from the body. One of my favorite tricks when landing during the day is to go out to a grassy park and sit cross legged with my hands touching the ground, which has a negative charge. I try to look in the general direction of the sun. It sounds silly, but give it a try.  You’ll feel back in sync so much faster as your body rids itself of the positive ions. Sound like hippie nonsense to you? Well, you’re partially right. It’s definitely “hippie”, but not “nonsense.” There are many studies on the benefits of earthing. More to the point though, it’s free. The cost sitting outside is pretty small. No risk; high reward: my kind of gamble!

Light Exposure

This is a similar tip as above. The exposure to blue light on planes can be devastating. There is nothing natural about the light environment on planes. Even if you’re in a window seat, those thick panes limit the range of light that enters. Getting only part of the light spectrum can be worse than getting none of it. While I love looking out the window on flights, I never leave it open because it’s easy to get skin damage when not taking in the complete spectrum.

The solution? It’s free and simple. Get out in the sun upon landing. You’ll want as much of your skin to be exposed as possible. It’s easy to kill two birds with one stone if you do your grounding at the same time. Also, try to see the first sunset that you can. No sun in the foreseeable future? You can try this gadget. I use it when I wake up hours before the sun will be up. It’s called the Valkee Humancharger. It shines light directly onto the brain, simulating sunrise. Is it as good as the sun? Not even close. But, it’s a nice tool to have handy when nature or your work aren’t cooperating with you. We’ve been using this for a few years now (ever since we lived in Asia) and never travel without it.

Travel Tips from Lacey JonesJet Lag Remedy - Tips from Gratified Soul


Dream Water

There are numerous natural substances that help aid sleep. Cannabidiol (CBD), Reishi, Valerian Root, can all be used to relax after the hustle and bustle of travel.

But, if you want to knock yourself out, we use Dream Water. These days, it’s available in most airports. But, I order a box off of Amazon (Snoozeberry is my favorite) and pack a couple in my luggage. That way I have a few at home and a few for my next trip. The drink contains 5HTP, melatonin, and GABA all of which lead to deep sleep. Be careful though. Too much can leave you groggy. In addition, since all 3 are produced in your body, it’s important to take them sparingly. Taking them nightly, could lead to your body down-regulating it’s natural production.

When we first started flying a lot, the jet lag was debilitating. Up for a couple hours. Passed out for a few. Rinse and repeat for a week or so. I’d finally feel adjusted in a couple weeks. Of course, that’s when it’d be time to head home!

So, yeah, it’s early now. Even so, I’ll be back on track in no time. I cut this a little short because I could tell my first mental draft was enough to fill a book. I’ll definitely be adding many of my other tips in the near future. In the meantime, I’m happy to answer your questions below, on Instagram, or on Snapchat. For now, it’s time head to the park to watch the sunrise.

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